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Make-up classes

 Students who have an excused absence may take a make-up class within two weeks of the missed class. Make-up classes CANNOT replace tuition for the following month. Make-up classes are classes that are other than a students regular schedule. On the occasion when the studio breaks for holidays, students are more than welcome to take additional classes when we are back in session at no extra charge.

                                Studio Policies

Students are expected to come to class on a regular basis and arrive at the studio at least 5 minutes before class time. Consistent attendance is necessary for progression. Some students feel added pressure when their parents watch them dance. This can place unnecessary stress on your child and inhibit their ability to express themselves in class. Please limit the amount of times you come and observe class. As a courtesy to all students, please refrain from any talking while you are in the viewing area. It is important for students to stay focused and allow the teacher to run a proper class. Please, If you find that your presence is distracting , kindly move to the waiting room.


Responsible and courteous behavior is expected at all times! Say kind words to each other, be respectful, be positive and remember, being a dancer is a very special privilege! Thank your parents for this opportunity!

Allyson N Decker, Artistic Director

Ally has been teaching dance for over 30 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has lived in Gig Harbor for over 18 years. As a teacher, it is her mission to provide an environment where students feel safe to explore who they are through movement and creativity. To create an oasis were learning, sharing and co-creating are revered, and provide a foundation for students to develop greater self-expression. As a young dancer, she received direct training from several Northern California professionals such as Lavern Krei, Barbara Crocket and Rita Matthews. At the age of 15 she began teaching children’s classes. Ally fell in love with being a teacher and knew this was what she wanted to do as a career. She participated in several competitions and stage performances as both a dancer and choreographer and was involved with the dance programs at Chico State University and Sacramento State University. Ally regularly attends workshops and conventions. She enjoys attending classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York as well as a teachers workshops in Las Vegas. She has been particularly inspired by classes from teachers such as Mia Michaels, Brooke Lipton, Desmond Richardson and Chris Judd.